Hi, I am Alexander.

I help people build their future!

Monsters at Work (Disney)
Monsters at Work (Disney)

{Animation Series} Technical Director (Lighting | Pipeline)

Avatar 2
Avatar 2

{VFX Feature} Technical Director (Pipeline)

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Amazing World of Gumball

{Animation Series} Technical Director (Pipeline)

Pearl Quests
Pearl Quests

{Multimedia Ride} Technical Director Intern (Pipeline | Surfacing)

Drool Pool
Drool Pool

{Animation Short} Technical Director (Lighting | Pipeline) ITFS Trailer 2015

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

{VFX Feature} CG Artist (Crowd)


Hi, my name is Alexander Richter!


I am an Award winning Technical Director in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. I basically get paid for solving creative and technical challenges and help to make other peoples lives easier. 

I've graduated with a bachelor degree in media computer science and a diploma in Technical Directing from the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. In the last years I worked on a variety of projects (Avatar 2, Monsters at Work, the Amazing World of Gumball) and companies (Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision) around the globe (Germany, England, Austria, France, New Zealand, Canada, USA) while learning of how to be successful in the industry.

My work on Open Source Pipeline "Plex" in the short film "Breaking Point" won me the VES award 2017

Today I am sharing this success through masterclasses and coaching all over the world with interns in small companies to supervisor from the biggest production studios who'd love to growth and expand their careers:

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How do I have a successful career in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry? 


On the 21 Artist Show I am answering exactly this question by talking with creators, artists and engineers about their careers, the lessons they have learned and how to make an impact.

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Experience it yourself


  Free          Beginner         Python         Maya         Nuke

Scripting for


Free YouTube Course

Learn the basics of Python for Visual Effects, Animation and Games in different DCCs from Maya, Nuke and 3ds Max. A great start into the scripting world with this free course on YouTube. Check out the other videos on the channel for more content all around the film and games industry.



   NEW           Advanced         Python

Python AdvanceD

VFX | Animation | Games


Advance to the next level of scripting and become an advanced Technical Artist or Director. Build valuable tools and applications that help you,  your team and your company into the future.

This eight weeks masterclass teaches you how to use Python professionally in Visual Effects, Animation and Games.

Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Beginner/Advanced         Interview         Mockup

 Successful   Interview 


A rare opportunity to step up your interview style and to become successful in the final stage of the hiring process. Get your dream job in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. Learn how to change your mindset, present yourself well, be confident and impress with your skills and personality.

Effects America-06124 BW.jpg

Individual         Career         Technical Director

 Personal   Mentoring 


We focus together on your goals, analyze what is needed and create steps to achieve them. From switching to a more technical field (Technical Artist) to working in the animation and VFX industry coming from a different field. Together we get you the right foot in the door while I will be mentoring you throughout the way.​


Beginner         Python         Maya

 Python foR 

 VFX and Animation 


Upgrade your skills in eight weeks on your path to become a Technical Artist and Technical Director by learning to control Maya via Python. This masterclass for beginner will open new doors for you to automate your processes, to safe time, to simplify your work and to add a significant contribution to your team and your company. 


Beginner/Advanced         CV         Showreel         Cover Letter

 Successful   Application 


Everything you need to know for your successful application process in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. Learn how to send effective applications and shine the best light on your work to win the jobs you are excited about. Change your mindset, and create a clear and successful strategy to get the right career opportunities. 


Beginner/Advanced         Negotiation         Contract

 Contract   Negotiation 


You can make more money, have more benefits, work less hours and have your expenses paid while doing the same job; the only difference is how you negotiate your contract. Let me teach you to significantly improve the outcome of your contracts or to renegotiate an existing one while feeling confident doing so. 













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