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"Alexander provides invaluable info on how to find the right landing spot into the film industry. He is part strategist, part thought provoker, honest and straightforward. His knowledge about the industry indicates when and how to invoke the various skills are needed to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. He has a way of make questioning about your own thoughts, he is able to focus them in a way that adds meaningful direction. I could go on and on with superlatives, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, look no further than Alex."

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We explore your individual way to get into and grow in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. Starting with how to get the job you are dreaming of, how to become a technical artist or technical director, up to how to lead a project and a team. This is me sharing my straight-up experience to help you with your challenges as a creative or technical person.

Let's have a free 30 min Skype call to find out if this is right for you.

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  • job_application.jpg

    The perfect

    job application

    Stand out and let us focus on your professional application, analyse your goals and impress with your unique CV, showreel, portfolio and job appearance to get the position you want to work in.

  • Cheerful Business Meeting


    & Negotiation

    After your successful application we are now at the second stage - the interview. The interview shows social skills and sets up the final stage: contract negotiation. A crucial step deciding our future.

  • Python_for_VFX_and_Animation_in_Maya_CGM

    Python for VFX

    and Animation

    The courses focuses on teaching the needed basics of Python to manipulate scenes in Maya. You will be able to add, delete or change content in 3D and batch your process and automate work.

  • nuke_maya_houdini_max_mid.jpg

    Python for Artists


    Continue on an advancing level of scripting focusing on Python. We are looking into scripting style, advanced Python and UI scripting and design using PySide to create production applications.

  • Personal Coaching



    A rare opportunity for a regular private one-on-one to push your professional and personal goals. We explore individual questions and tasks to adjust them to your current needs.

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    Lars Eriksen

    Head of Roto and Paint


    The course allowed me to narrow down on the areas where I was previously lacking knowledge, and introducing me to concepts that will help me progress with my scripting. [...] I felt like there was a nice balance of theory and practical.

    Python for Artists (Advanced), Effects America 19

  • linkedIn_icon.png

    James Williams

    Senior FX Artist, Freelancer


    Alex is a great mentor and coach. He helped me up my coding skills and presentation. The way he teaches is very clear and concise and I look forward to continuing with him as a mentor.

    Python for Artists (Advanced), Personal Coaching

  • linkedIn_icon.png

    Wesley Schneider

    Lead Rigger/Creature TD


    Alexander is the right guy to help you to get the right confidence. Very positive, contagious actions and a singular way to teach you what you need. I felt benefits already in my career and this is great.
    His style to teach and to act makes everything easier. We went deep in the advanced course and my coding style is much better already. I can tell you, Thank you, Alexander, Sequel? :P

    Python for Artists (Advanced)


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