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WHY Coaching WITH Alexander?


I will give you a straightforward, no nonsense advice on how to grow in your creative field in scripting, personal development, leadership, workflow, portfolio and branding here and now.

My experience is built on an academic background (media computer science, BSc and Technical Director, Diploma) combined with 6+ years of working with the industry leaders and countless hours of research, practice and trial and error. This is me sharing my straight-up business experience to help you with your challenges as a creative entrepreneur.

Additional to my working experiences, open-source pipeline, YouTube tutorials, articles and blog posts, I am also enrolled in regular speeches at events (FMX, Effects America, Siggraph Munich), Masterclasses, company and private coaching for years now. So you can feel assured that I bring the right amount of background to help you succeed in your future path. Sharing knowledge and giving value are two of my core fundamentals which also means I am evolving every day to advance in the art of coaching and success. You can find my story here.

Let me know if want to have a one on one with me.


Stand out and let us focus on your professional application, analyse your goals and impress with your unique CV, showreel, portfolio and job appearance to get the position you want to work in.

Job Application:

VFX, Animation & Games


An introduction into the basics of scripting (Python) as an artist in Animation and VFX. An artist friendly way through Python while exploring the needed pieces to develop for your daily work.

Scripting for Artists


Personal Coaching

A regular private one-on-one to progress on your professional and personal goals. We explore individual questions and tasks to adjust them to your current needs. 


(Personal Coaching)

Cheerful Business Meeting

After our successful application we are now at the second stage - the interview. The interview shows social skills and sets up the final stage: contract negotiation. A crucial step deciding our future.


& Contract Negotiation

Python for VFX and Animatio in Maya

The courses focuses on teaching the needed basics of Python to manipulate scenes in Maya. You will be able to add, delete or change content in 3D and batch your process and automate work.

Python for VFX

and Animation in Maya

Effects America-06124.jpg

Let me share my knowledge to impact your audience with new ideas and workflows for your company and event. Building a strong foundation for future developments and better teamwork.


Events & Companies

Image by Drew Hays

Excellent leadership and management is learned. With time and effort we can break old habits and standards to make you a confident and quick decision maker and manager. Lead the way!


& Management


Continue on an advancing level of scripting focusing on Python. We are looking into scripting style, advanced Python and UI scripting and design using PySide to create production applications. 

Python for Artists


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Sirrena Holmes

Technical Artist


The coaching was perfect for me who wanted structure for trying to achieve a specific goal. Alex was a fantastic mentor because he gave me a realistic, very structured plan to improve my portfolio and online presence. My favorite thing about the coaching was not only that Alex cares about you individually but the advise I got was very earnest. Now I have a solid foundation to build onto.

Application, Personal Coaching


Kathleen Monje

Aspiring CG & Software Engineer


Alexander is an amazing mentor, catering to me as an individual and being realistic about my own goals and circumstances. Having had a diverse array of experiences in different genres and environments, he has a thorough understanding of all the moving parts of the animation/VFX/gaming industries and [...] as intentional and empathetic of both a TD and a coach as he is!

Application, Personal Coaching


Lars Eriksen

Head of Roto and Paint


The course allowed me to narrow down on the areas where I was previously lacking knowledge, and introducing me to concepts that will help me progress with my scripting. [...] I felt like there was a nice balance of theory and practical.

Python for Artists {Advanced}, Effects America 19


Vanessa Schneider

3D Animator


Together with Alex, we took an in-depth look at my application. He helped me to align my professional goals, updating my documents and figure out a strategy for my transition from a student togetting my first job as a 3D artist in the animation industry. Thank you, Alex!

Application, Personal Coaching