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& Contract Negotiation


After your successful first application we arrive at the final stage of your application: The interview and at the end the contract negotiation. Both are extremely important since the interview is the last door before you get hired. Here you can leave an impression and get an impression from the company yourself. While the contract determines how you and the company value your future work and how much they are willing to invest in it. 

A bad interview means not getting the job. While a bad contract means working under your value.

With this coaching we will prepare you to get neither. On the opposite to last a good impression and to get the highest value for your skill.

"Everyone can be successful in interviews and contract negotiations."


This are 3 hours of coaching broken down into 3 sessions.

  1. First we start with the basics of interview and look of your strength and weaknesses during an interview.

  2. Next we do and record a live interview in which you apply for a real position you are interested in followed by a feedback session in which we analyse what went well and want could be improved.

  3. Last but not least we talk about contract negotiation. What are the basics and rules (yes rules) of a successful contract negotiation and what are the fall pits that you could dip in. Important here is to build a strong foundation and demystefie misconceptions of asking for a higher payment or other benefits.

Additionally you will get

  • an successful_interview.pdf with the most important rules and common questions and answers

  • a contract_negotiation.pdf with negotiation rules and examples

  • articles and links


During that time I am available for questions and feedback via email to establish a constant progress.


I had a dozen of successful interviews and contract negotiations over the last years including:

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Sirrena Holmes

Technical Artist

The coaching was perfect for me who wanted structure for trying to achieve a specific goal. Alex was a fantastic mentor because he gave me a realistic, very structured plan to improve my portfolio and online presence. My favorite thing about the coaching was not only that Alex cares about you individually but the advise I got was very earnest. Now I have a solid foundation to build onto.

Application, Personal Coaching

Kathleen Monje

Aspiring CG & Software Engineer

Alexander is an amazing mentor, catering to me as an individual and being realistic about my own goals and circumstances. Having had a diverse array of experiences in different genres and environments, he has a thorough understanding of all the moving parts of the animation/VFX/gaming industries and [...] as intentional and empathetic of both a TD and a coach as he is!

Application, Personal Coaching

Lars Eriksen

Head of Roto and Paint

The course allowed me to narrow down on the areas where I was previously lacking knowledge, and introducing me to concepts that will help me progress with my scripting. [...] I felt like there was a nice balance of theory and practical.

Python for Artists {Advanced}, Effects America 19

Vanessa Schneider

3D Animator

Together with Alex, we took an in-depth look at my application. He helped me to align my professional goals, updating my documents and figure out a strategy for my transition from a student togetting my first job as a 3D artist in the animation industry. Thank you, Alex!

Application, Personal Coaching