A rare opportunity to step up your interview style and to become more successful in the final stage of the hiring process. Get your dream job in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. Learn how to change your mindset, update the way you present yourself, and create a clear and successful plan to get the right contract.  

  • Become confident in interviews

  • Practice interviews

  • Establish your personal goals

  • 2 hours of personal coaching

  • 50 pages book

Hiring Process

Interviewing for a new job can be a confusing and nerve-racking experiences.


Meeting a bunch of strangers (online) who ask you a million questions while holding the cards to decide if you get the job you want and need. You have to make sure to leave a good impression and to show you are the right candidate for the position. Even after the decision is made to hire you there is still the question: “How much should we pay you?” without a satisfying answer. Sounds familiar? ​


After a number of rejections and bad deals we begin to doubt ourselves and start to get unsure if we are even good enough for the position and should be paid this amount. We fall prey to our own judgement and lose confidence.


No worries about the interview tiger - he's just moaning!


Personal Review

& strategy

Together we look into your interview style to find the parts that make you unique and isolate the ones that are holding you back to assure you shine the right light on your experiences, skills and personality. At the same time we boost your confidence so you can express what you really mean, enjoy the process and arrive at your professional and financial goals.

Practice Makes perfect

Online interviews make sure you can practice these skills and receive feedback where you stand and how you can improve. This builds confidence for your next interview and negotiation.


The sessions will also be recorded so you can see your own performance and learn from it.

Successful Interview Guide

This booklet provides insides, clear rules and also common situations of how interviews really work, what their goals are and how you can be successful at both. We debunk common misconceptions like “What if they don’t hire me because I asked for more money?!” and replace it with: “What is the best way to show them that I am worth this much?!”

  • Rules of Success

  • What to do before, during and after

  • Common interview and negotiation Q&A

  • Industry insides

What Really matters

What matters the most is that you get the chance to work at the positions and companies you love while enjoying the process to get there.


Being confident and uplifting in interviews makes them a valuable experience and will set up the tone for the rest of your work relationships.

A professional negotiation shows that you value yourself, your skills and the company who is hiring you. At the same time you make sure that you get compensated well for your work and motivation.


Free Content

Get basic tips for the whole negotiation process to make sure you provide the best experience for the company.

To change the question from "How much?" to "Would that be enough for you?".

Free Video


Great Interviews made my career happen!

I didn't always work in mid to big sized studios. I used to work in the IT department of a small Animation Studio. They even declined my first application but then hired me anyway since they needed someone quickly. After that it became a guessing game of how I performed in a particular interview. They weren’t bad but also far from great. The same applied for the offers I got: I never seem to know what to do when it came to the actual negotiation part - if there was even one.


What could you do?


I decided to learn anything there was to learn about the interview process and to apply my newly learned knowledge to future hirings; and slowly I saw success. First my interviews went much smoother, there was less anxiety, more laughter and more offers afterwards. Next I was starting to negotiate my contracts and see more possibilities. Until I got to a level where my last 3 leads told me later that the company paid me as much as them. That was a shock to me since I was just practising what I’ve learned.


In the last few years I managed to have successful interviews and negotiations with Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx, CGMA and many more. Which led me to a path of sharing what I’ve learned so others ​can benefit and get back what they deserve.


Let us move forward together!

Alexander Richter

I am a Technical Director and Coach with 8+ years of experiences in the VFX and animation industry. I worked for Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx and many more.



Finally feel confident

your interview and negotiation

will work.

  • Become confidant in interviews

  • Practice interviews

  • Establish your personal goals

  • 2 hours of personal coaching

  • Interview Booklet