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Leadership & Management

Being a good leader and manager is hard work but it also is a rewarding place. Your leadership skills have a significant and direct effect on your employees or artists happiness, motivation and output. Become someone you would love to work for and follow. ​​


  • Become a confident leader

  • Manage and grow your team and their skills

  • Learn communication skills

  • Establish your personal goal

  • 3 hours of personal coaching

  • 20+ pages book



Only 3 seats left this month

Leading Success

Being responsible for people who rely on your guidance, decisions, wisdom, clearness and positivity can be a burdening and nerve-racking experience.


It doesn’t matter how good you did your job today, tomorrow you have to repeat it with a smile since new challenges will arise while people look up to you for guidance. Your actions set the tone for the whole department and company since you constantly interact with other people, helping wherever you can while planning ahead.


No worries about the pressure tiger - he's just moaning!

What's inside

Leadership Review

& strategy

Together we look into your leadership style to find the parts that make you unique and isolate the ones that are holding you and your team back to arrive at their full potential. At the same time we boost your confidence so you can express what you really mean, enjoy the process and arrive at your professional and financial goals.

"Practice Makes perfect!"

Online interactions and situational practice make sure you can polish these skills and receive feedback where you stand and how you can improve. This builds confidence for your next team meeting and project management.

The sessions will also be recorded so you can see your own performance and learn how others perceive you.

Leader & Manager


This book provides insides, clear rules and also common situations of how leadership and management really works, what your focus should be and how you can be successful at both. We debunk common misconceptions like “You have to be hard to get your point across!” and replace it with: “How can I help my employer to do their best work?”


  • ​ Rules of Leadership & Management

  • “What is your job?”

  • What to do before, during and after meetings

  • Common questions and answers

  • Industry insides

What Really matters

What matters the most is that you get the chance to work in the leading position you enjoy, with people who love to work with you, trust you and want to do their best work for you.

Being confident and uplifting as a leader makes it a valuable experience and will set up the tone for the rest of your work relationships. Getting a point across and guiding your team without being a dick and ruining everyones day is key to productivity and future growth. At the same time we make sure that you enjoy your position and are motivated to come to work and to interact with your peers.

Free Content

Free Content

Get basic tips for how you to manage a company and how to create a healthy company culture with productive  and motivated employees.

Learn leadership from the founder and CEO of PDI (Shrek, Terminator 2) on the 21 Artist Show podcast. 

Free Video

My story

Learning to lead and manage made me happy!

I remember the first time I became the only pipeline TD for a company counting 60 artists working on 3 different projects. My predecessor just left to go to Weta Digital and I inherit a huge project and a lot of responsibilities. The first months were extremely stressful. Every time someone came to my desk I was afraid they had a major issue and couldn’t work. Since I mostly interacted with leads this meant the whole department couldn’t work. It wasn’t something I wanted to experience.


What could you do?


I decided to approach the whole situation from a different perspective and I applied what I learned from scripting: “Every problem is a challenge and it takes as long as it takes.” Additionally I responded more calmly since most artists came with problems and were sometimes in (deadline) stress. “We will solve it somehow!” was my mantra. This made people more relaxed and we solved most problems much quicker.


In the last few years I worked as a Technical Director at Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, Studio Soi (lead), ArtFx, CGMA and many more. There I had the chance to lead and guide artists, producers, other TDs and developers to arrive at the same goal while absorbing the ways and methods of other great leaders. So now it is your turn.


Lead the way!


Alexander Richter

I am a Technical Director and Coach with 8+ years of experiences in the VFX and animation industry. I worked for Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx and many more.




Finally feel confident

as a lead and manager.

  • Become a confidant leader

  • Manage your team

  • Learn communication skills

  • Establish your personal goal

  • 3 hours of personal coaching

  • 20+ pages book



Only 3 seats left this month

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