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Leadership & Management


Excellent leadership and management is learned. No great leaders are born some have an advantage maybe but everyone has to put time and effort into breaking habits, old standards of leadership (we are in the 21th century now) and also the inner conflict of doing the right thing. Leader is not a position anymore it is a perception. Do your colleagues and bosses see you as someone who is reliable, can work with others, manage time and resources, get his point across and can motive others to give their best? No?! Than you need some more guidance and experience to get to this stage. Let me help you with that.

WHAT You Get

Together we analyse your current situation and goals. We start with basics of leadership and management which includes mentality of a leader (with sources to read), how good leaders are perceived and technics to achieve that in the beginning until it is in our DNA. Through practice we can establish a specific leadership and management style aligned with your personality, environment and the current scientific understanding of leadership behavior.

After multiple sessions you advance in your leadership skills and people will start to open up to you, perform better, more reliable and you will your inner conflict between getting things done and being a person who people like to work with.

Before our talk

Before our talk please collect and provide the following information for a more adapted call

  • writing down a self evaluation (how you feel as a leader and what is the feedback you get from others) 

  • 3 objectives/goals for the call that you would like help with

  • current bottlenecks


For our online conversation please make sure you are in a quiet place with high-quality headphones and microphone free of distractions. That is all. I will do the rest. Following the call, you will get an audio recording of your conversation along with notes, relevant links to things referenced on the call and action items (as discussed). 

LET'S talk

Lets have a free 30 min Skype call to find out if this is right for you.