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Technical Director at Pixar w/ Paul Kanyuk

Today we are talking about what exactly a Technical Director is, what are the skills involved and of course what it means to work for Pixar and how it might be different to most of us.

I am joined by Paul Kanyuk a Lead Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studio who was working there for the last 14 years and involved in one of my favorite movies of all time ... Ratatouille. His impressive resume also includes Cars, Wall-E, UP, Brave and Finding Dory.

"The bug stops with the TD."

I am your host Alexander Richter and welcome to the 21 artist show where we talk about how to growth in today's media industry, in animation and visual effects including personal development.

Enjoy the show,


PS. Learn more about the TD role? Check out my Free 7-Day TD Bootcamp: Technical Director.

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