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CopyCat: Machine Learning in Nuke | TD Meetup 07

Machine Learning becomes an important part of every task in Visual Effects, Animation and games - including compositing. CopyCat is a Nuke node that “copies sequence-specific effects, such as garbage matting, beauty repairs, or deblurring, from a small number of frames in a sequence and then trains a network to replicate the effect on the entire sequence. CopyCat outputs a trained network in a .cat file, ready for the Inference node to apply your effect.”

CopyCat is a Nuke node for Machine Learning
CopyCat is a Nuke node for Machine Learning

CopyCat: Production

CopyCat could potentially simplify a production by merging different but similar shots in a sequence into one solution; do it once, repeat it on different shots.


Alexander Richter is a Technical Director and coach in visual effects, animation and games, having worked on Avatar: The Way of the Water and Monsters at Work.

Luca Prestini is the machine learning data specialist at Foundry.

Let's take a look at CopyCat together by joining the LinkedIn live event on Thursday, 11.07.2024 here.



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