FREE JOB COACHING for a Student in Visual Effects and Animation

Getting a job fresh out of university is incredibly challenging - lets change that.

In the current time of self reflection and future development it feels like the right time for the 3rd installment of the free student coaching. I'd like to give one student a FREE JOB COACHING hour to get your foot into door of the industry. Together we will have a look at your future goals in VFX and Animation and update your CV and showreel to give you a head start at your next job application.

How to apply:

  1. Be a current or freshly graduated (1 year) student.

  2. Read about the coaching:

  3. Email me a short heartwarming text why you should be coached with the subject "student coaching"

The deadline is Monday, 6. April where I pick one student for the free job coaching.

Best, Alex

PS. I will reply to every message or comment.

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