Breakdown: Python for VFX and Animation in Maya

Let's master professional Python together!

Viewers of the previous video asked me about the content of this course so I created a week by week breakdown of my Python for VFX and Animation in Maya masterclass at CGMA | Computer Graphics Master Academy.

The course starts at 0 so no prior knowledge is needed. Still it is a compact and intense course to develop a solid and professional understanding of Python and scripting in Maya. Lets explore each chapter of this 8 weeks Python to Maya masterclass. The course focuses on teaching the most important basics of Python to be able to manipulate scenes in Maya for your professional work. You will be able to add, delete or change content in 3D which allows you to batch your processes and automate parts of your work. Interactive apps round up the course which allow input and modification in the scripts behavior. You will be able to write basic scripts in Python to manipulate Maya scenes using Python Apps with UI. To become a Technical Artist or Technical Director. During this 8 weeks you get an assignment and a personal video feedback each week giving you the best chance to improve including a one hour live Q&A each week for open questions and to go deeper into specific topics. The combination of a VFX and Animation focused structure (e.g. part of the Rigging classes), online videos and personal feedback is one of the reasons I teamed up with CGMA to create the ultimate learning experience. Let's stop watching countless Python videos and just master it.

You can also feel inspired by the topics to create a road map for yourself on how to successfully learn Python for VFX and Animation.

Learn more from the course site at CGMA. See you on the next term in April. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get access to the Python cheat sheet and future updates.

Here is course breakdown (see video):

  1. Week: Python Introduction

  2. Week: Script Editor, Lists, Dictionaries and Expressions

  3. Week: Loops, Ifs and Pseudo Code

  4. Week: Functions, Naming and Scope

  5. Week: External Files, Errors and Debugging

  6. Week: Maya API

  7. Week: Maya Scripts

  8. Week: Maya Apps (with UI)

Watch Artist of the 21st century and why Python is important: