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Just published my new website with new exciting content and opportunities.

It was time already. I wasn't really happy with my old design and content while it wasn't really what I wanted. It did't represented the growth I went through the last 2 years not just as an artist or TD but also as a coach, speaker and YouTuber (still a strange title).

My old website 2018. It's fine but also messy.

It was time for an upgrade. Website v2019 so to speak.

I've investigated what I wanted for my new website. What were the flaws with my old ones? After some research and trial&error: I flipped the colors, changed the structure and added consulting and coaching to the mix.


Since the beginning I am always at the pulse of every project. Through my artistic beginning, technological continuum and production workflow additions I noticed that I have a lot to offer in optimizations. Not only optimizations of workflows but also management since having inspired people and connected teams is your biggest asset in any projects. Make your employer happy by giving them a sense of pride, fulfillment and progress through a great production, leadership and project structure.


Even during my studies I loved to coach and teach people and give them a deeper inside into themselves and their possible skills. Teaching others to be fulfilled in their aimed jobs and personal growth through skills, mindset or branding means bringing value to a growing community.

Now I can also share my lecturing and coaching experience.


Last but not least there will be regular updates and articles on the blog combined with YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter posts. You can also subscribe to my email newsletter which will keep you informed - I will figure out more later but definitely not for Spam.

I am happy for any feedback since a website is also a chance to communicate with others. Explore the hidden jams which I put into it since I love small secrets - it adds a layer of depth and mystery to everything. Explore and hit me up if you have something to say.

- Best, Alex

New, Pretty & Shine in Gold and White

PS. Finally I could save my custom URL for YouTube - 1 year after my last upload.

Check it out and subscribe since also my speech at the Effects America 19 will be online soon (see Premiere):

Coming next: Business Website 101 with WIX.

Describing the progress of how I upgraded and created my new website. What is thought process you need to go through and decisions you need to make to create an online representation you are proud of - until you growth out off this pages again.


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