Another New(s)letter

Welcome, my friend, to this great newsletter announcement of some sort!

"So you have a newsletter now?!" a friend just asked me.

"I had one for a year now. Just didn't tell anyone about it."

From my newsletter:

Hi, my name is Alexander Richter, I am a Technical Director and coach focused on Visual Effects and Animation. For the last 8+ years I was working on series and feature films (Monsters at Work, Breaking Point, Luke the Lokomotive Driver) in different companies (Framestore, Mackevision, Studio Soi).

Making inspiring series, movies and games is a long lasting dream for most of us. Working in the industry successfully is not as easy as some of us think or thought it will be when we started. It can be quite challenging to

  • start new as a student, graduate, runner or newbie

  • come from a different industry (software developer, commercials, ...)

  • change positions (artistic or technical)

  • become a leader or manager

  • overcome your personal fears and disadvantages

  • work around the globe

  • survive the daily grind without getting insane or poor.

This website was originally part of my portfolio and after my first Scripting for Artist video sparked interest I started a YouTube channel, created a blog, an interview podcast and a variety of online courses. Everything here exists to provide value for everyone who is interested in working in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry.

Here are some resources for you to instantly dive into:

Jobs and Applications

Interview with Amy Smith (Framestore)

Working in VFX and Animation

Newsletter Access

Additionally I just released my new personal MasterClasses

Let me know should one of them spark your interest.

What are you hoping to learn from this website and newsletter? Share your goals with me by filling out this survey to create better future content and posts. I am looking forward to geeking out over VFX, Animation and Games with you - with a pinch of self development! - Alex

PS. Coming soon:

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