#2 PyJam [START]

Ready or not our 1 weeks Python Jam starts ... NOW! 🤯

The main idea of the jam is to get more practice in Python and to finally start working on tools that you wanted to try and create for a while now. So the most important thing is to experiment and to have fun. 🦩 Since it is easier to do something under a deadline and in a group - we're doing a PyJam together!

Let start with the Jam

🎢 Theme: Tic-tac-toe with an enemy

📋 Rules: Only Python can be used. Any 3rd party API is allowed (PySide2, ...) including running it in a DCC (Maya, Nuke, Houdini, ...). The application must be created from scratch.

⏲️ Deadline: Saturday, 08.05.2021 at 24:00 midnight (Central European Time)

📤 Submit: Submit a one minute video showing the app in use and the code as a downloadable link. (The code and video will be shared so you should be okay with that.)

🏆 Prize: The winner wins a one hour free coaching on any topic and will be added to your private Discord.

Python Jam Page

The submitted work will be presented and a selected jury will vote for the best work. 🏆

- Alex

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