#1 PyJam [Next Weekend]

Make a Python application in 2 weeks in our Python Jam.

Python Jam *yammi*

My students and fellow Python users asked for more practice. They wanted to have more opportunities to grow and to really get a grip using Python professionally. So I thought: "Why not make this a small event?!" 💡 If you like to get more Python practice and feel like you're procrastinating too much: This event could be for you!

Next weekend (Friday, 02.04.2021, 12:00 CET) we will start our #1 Python Jam. Everyone can join and participate. The idea is to create a Python app under a specific theme and complete it in 2 weeks. A game jam ... just for a Python app. ❤️

The theme and the exact rules of the jam will be announced on this blog on Friday (when the timer hits 0). See you next week!

- Alex

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