Thank you!

For all the support, feedback and inspiration throughout my career.

The last 8 years accumulated in growing as a Technical Director and Artist, building a small YouTube channel, writing articles, teaching at universities, speaking at conferences, creating online masterclasses, private coaching and sharing my experiences with others. It also meant learning the value of working with others and how much the culture of the people influences growth, fun and owning it.

I am sure you know that this is going out to you:

  • To the producers, managers and HRs who gave me the chance to work in different places and on a variety of projects.

  • To all the leads and supervisor who mentored my journey, fueled my interest, recommended me and took a chance on ideas.

  • To the colleagues, ITs and artists from all departments who made even the toughest times fun.

  • To everyone who gave chances, challenges, laughter, knowledge and sometimes a hard time.

Of course thank you to all the people who supported the channel, podcast, blog, visited my courses and enjoyed may content. You're true wonderful! 😊

Best, Alex

PS. Thank you to Hugo Guerra for being my only Patreon! 😄

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