VFX pipeline for everyone

Two years ago I gave a speech about my open source pipeline at the FMX 2017. A little bit shaky but with an interesting premise of updating the industry and bringing it to a needed standard in collaboration:

The project was completed for me and I kept it that way. Just recently I picked it up again and made significant updates. The plan is to add more needed features, a more advanced and clear structure, new apps and tools like snapping, light linker, ...

I learned a lot in the recent years of how to and not to build a pipeline and I want this progress being reflected in my own work and the ones that I am sharing with others. If you want to start a film, company or learn about pipelines in VFX and animation - THIS is the place to start. Let me know what you need or if you like to support this passion project.

You can find the project including documentation (Wiki) here: