#3 PyJam

🎢 Theme: Cube City Skyline


📋 Rules: Create a city via Python script only using cubes. You can use as many cubes as you want and transform them in any way (translate, rotate and scale). Only one shader without textures is allowed and one light source like Sun&Sky. The city must be created via script in an empty scene but it can differ each time. Make sure to find the best angle and create a beautiful snapshot. You can find a simple Maya starting scene down below.


For the script itself you can only use Python with any additional API including PySide2 and DCC APIs like Maya, Houdini, etc. The app must be done from scratch so no pre-created libraries.

📁 Files: Download here (Simple Maya with Arnold scene)


⏲️ Deadline: 16 July 2021 at 24:00 midnight (Central European Time)


📤 Submit: Submit a one minute video showing the app in use and the code as a downloadable link. (The code and video will be shared so you should be okay with that.)


🏆 Prize: The winner wins a one hour Python Advanced Q&A and gets access to our private Discord community.

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Laura Siviero

July 16, 2021, 8:22:20 AM

#3 PyJam

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