How much does the Masterclasses and personal coaching cost?


The courses and coaching are as affordable as possible for the quality I do. The cost are depending on the course, mentoring and your personal goals and situation. You can contact me for more details. Value is a key concept of my courses we should first talk about your goals and what you are trying to achieve with my help. To give you a general range:

  • Personal Coaching: 90,-€/session

These finance options allow you to focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them:

Company Support

Learning a new skill or polishing one that can benefit your current job and your company. It will allow you to step into higher positions with higher salaries, more status and shows that you are willing to learn and get better at work. Ask your employer if he would like to invest into your professional future to make you more efficient, highly skilled and happier. A lot of bosses are happy to see their employees strive to higher goals and show initiative and are ego to help them to advance also their company.

discount for Students and Unemployed

I know life can sometimes bring you in a tough position but you still need to go forward to get out of it. Bringing value as others did to me in the past is still my biggest goal. Lets find a solution. Up to 30% off. For pupils, students and unemployed. Lets see if we can find a solution to give you access to knowledge that changes your life.  

Payment Plans

It can sometimes be difficult to advance and to pay now at the same time. I am happy to find a payment plan with you that works for both of us and allows you to enjoy my programs, invest in yourself and get paid much more from it.

What is the difference between lecturing and coaching? 


The lecturers goal is mainly to teach you all the material. If he teaches you Python he will teach you from the first to the last page. A coaches job on the other side to get you to your goal using your own strength. How can Python benefit you? What do you need to know to get there? What strategy should you work on to arrive there in the near future. Coaching is more personal and focuses more on the goal achieving side.

Can we do the coaching in person? 


Of course. Most of my company and event masterclasses are in person since it is the best way to learn. As long as the expenses are covered we can figure out a date that works. (After COVID allows us to travel again.)

Do you do mentoring?


Yes. Guiding someone through multiple challenges from how to get a job, go through a meeting, daily work and be social are all tough challenges and it is impossible to handle them on your own. With weekly talks we can find solutions for your daily/weekly challenges and also think about how to can succeed to get to specific positions sometimes just emotionally. I personally had situations in my life in which I hated what I did but could turn them around in mostly 1 - 4 months after I figured out what my goal was and what strategy to follow. Suddenly you wake up, go to work and things changed.

Any References?


Yes. Luckily my clients, students and friends support me with feedback and also reviews.


Why do you write about a variety of topics?


I only write what I personally experience working as an Artist and Technical Director in VFX and Animation. Working in our current time and age also means to be the master of a variety of topics. Skills like art or scripting is just one part of it. You also have to be able to find a job or be found, negotiate a good contract, handle team work and maybe even leadership. Maybe not every topic is for everyone from interest but everyone is affected by them.

How often do you publish?


I publish a new article every Thursday with an occasional YouTube video in between if I feel it would be better suited.

What do I subscribe for?


Being informed about new blog articles, YouTube videos, new coaching opportunities, special offers, unique content and my irregular mailing list. I hate spam as much as you do, so I'll never send you more than you want. Unsubscribe at any time.



did you stop making YouTube videos?


I don't do regular updates anymore since making a 10 min video take me 4 full days. Days in which I am not getting paid at the moment and it takes too long for me to get the content out. That is why I switched to full articles on this blog since they only take me 1-2 days and I enjoy to write them. When I figure out a better work-result-ratio I am sure I am regular back in making new videos again. Nevertheless I create the occasional video when it fits the topic.

I like what you do! How can I support you?


I am happy to hear that. I am always in need and grateful for any support. Just contact me and we can figure something out.