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Python for Artists



After Season 1 of Scripting for Artists we now continue our journey in becoming an extraordinary technical artist or director in the Animation and VFX industry. The core point of Python for Artists is not skill it is a round up solution of multiple layer. The mixture of skill, mindset and branding creates opportunities and a fulfilling path of working your way, under your conditions and understanding. Only then we can succeed to work in better environment while overtaking those who stuck in the realms and expectations of yesterday. Skill is useless if you can not land a job and both will create anxiety and stress if you don’t believe in yourself or are too reserved for new tasks and exploration. The idea is to provide you with the very basics and typical practical examples working with Python in Animation and VFX. As the result, you know what is important and how it can be used.



1. Why

Defining the WHY for your progress in advanced learning is the most important aspect to stay focused, motivated and adaptive during a mid or long period of advancing.

2. Coding with Style

We learn the style guides of programming and scripting like PEP8 to be able to work with others, have a standardized approach to code, be hireable and be able to read others work faster. In addition to that we add field logic, a personal style and sexiness to the mix to distinguish your code from others and create beautiful art of letters and numbers.

In the (near) future you and colleagues will read your code and besides having a marvelous and clear style it is important that you can easily understand what the tools does and where and what is happening to make the proper use, modification or addition.

3. Advanced Python

Procedural or object oriented, classes, decorator and one liner are maybe not necessary to create your script but are mandatory to advance it to a system and take the next step to become a developer on new tools and even pipelines. Learning the way of avoiding bottlenecks and optimizing loops not only creates better performance but can also make the difference between a useful and useless tool.

4. UI scripting and design

Understanding how to use PySide in Python is key to create software independent UI. But your tools are only as useful as the artist/producer/user wants and knows how to use them. The most underappreciated points in scripting and tool work are coding style and UI. Let us explore sexy code you cannot put your hands of and is clear and accessible for collaboration. While we explore how we can communicate the intent of our tools through simple and intuitive UI with PySide.

Course Outline

IS this right for me?

If you feel your scripts need to look or feel more professional and you want to share it with others at work or even publicly/in applications. You miss important elements and would like to explore more 


  • professional coding style

  • classes & decorator

  • logging

  • git introduction

  • better performance

  • UI in PySide & UI design

Than this is definitely a masterclass for you.

What you get

  • 7 hours personal coaching with advanced Python content

  • practice sessions with code examples and code review

  • in-depth understanding of automatizing your workflow

  • understanding and creating professional production applications

  • learning collaboration and industry standards

  • 70 pages book summing up the course

LET'S talk

Lets have a free 30 min Skype call to find out if this is right for you.

The course allowed me to narrow down on the areas where I was previously lacking knowledge, and introducing me to concepts that will help me progress with my scripting. [...] I felt like there was a nice balance of theory and practical.

Head of Roto and Paint

Lars Eriksen

Python for Artists {Advanced}, Effects America 19


Alex is a great mentor and coach. He helped me up my coding skills and presentation. The way he teaches is very clear and concise and I look forward to continuing with him as a mentor.

Senior FX Artist, Freelancer

James Williams

Python for Artists {Advanced}, Personal Coaching


COding with Style

(Talk @Effects_America)

Scripting for Artists {Advanced}

(Masterclass @Effects_America)