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My name is Alexander, I am a Technical Director and Artist in the Animation and VFX industry.

My job is it to make movies or more precise to solve creative and technical challenges.

You maybe know me from my YouTube channel, free Open Source Pipeline Plex or saw me at events since I am a coach for scripting, company culture and self branding.

I studied at one of the most prestige film schools in Europe (Filmakademie BW, Germany). Studying at such a established academy is challenging - to say the least - but I never learned so much being self motivated and encouraged to progress.


My time there resulted in some of my most important and influential work to date. Including three trailer for the ITFS (international trickfilm festival), multiple short films and one VES award.  

I think I came out just fine ending up to work in some amazing and also less amazing companies. Studio Soi is one of the friendliest animation studios with a director first approach, Framestore with their american way of caring and Weta Digital on the other side of the world.

On my way I even managed to win some awards. My collaboration for the short film Breaking Point and the resulting Open Source Pipeline Plex brought my team and me the VES award 2016. Additionally I was nominated Finalist 3 years in a row for the Rookies Awards.

It is just by chance that we share the same color.

Even during my first years I noticed a passion for education that is when I started to share my content on the internet beginning with my videos explaining Artists how to script, writing articles in magazines (Digital Production), lecturing in universities (media Akademie), at events (FMX, Effects America, Siggraph Munich) and at companies (arx anima, Dwarf Animation Studio) advancing the technical workflow of a film production.

Today I am still an active surfacing and lighting Artist and Technical Director while coaching a new generation of how to step into this sometimes twisted industry and teaching old gods new tricks like scripting.

Have a look if some of my programs can also advance your career or just say Hi.


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I've been working as a Technical Director for over 6 years inside 5+ leading companies like Framestore (London) and Mackevision (Stuttgart). The advice I share, comes from an academic background and real, practical experience. Combined with being coached for over 3 years myself, gives me a unique perspective, not only into the mind of a creative entrepreneur, but also what it takes to pivot, overcome objections and succeed in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

  • Award winning Technical Director: VES Award 2017

  • 6+ years as Technical Director (lead, lighting, pipeline)

  • Working in 9 companies in 4 countries (Germany, England, France, Austria)

  • Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx, Filmakademie, ...

  • Alumni from one of the best animation films universities in Europe (Filmakademie BW)
  • 3+ years coaching scripting and workflows

  • Speaker at the FMX, Effects America, Siggraph Effects, ...

  • Lecturer at ArtFx, CGMA, Filmakademie BW and mAHS 

  • YouTube channel with over 2.000 subscribers and 80.000 views.

  • Magazine and Blog author (Scripting for Artists, The almost perfect CV)

  • Diploma Technical Directing (Filmakademie BW)

  • B.Sc. in media computer science

  • Open Source Pipeline Plex