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❓ Why should I pay for this masterclass when everything is free online? 

YouTube and free knowledge is great. I have a YouTube channel myself and share what I know there for free. There are great videos online but only in pieces and often hard to put together. This masterclass was build for over 2 years (since Effects America 2019) and constantly improved with everything that I've learned over the years. It includes assignments and personal mentoring which is the best and fastest way to learn a new it skill and use it professionally. It reflects what I needed to start working as a Technical Director for Framestore and Weta Digital (Avatar 2).

 Will I get to ask Alex questions directly?

Yes. If you select a plan that gives you the Q&A or 1-1 option in which you can ask your personal questions. For a personal coaching I would highly recommend my mentoring program.

 How do I get my assignment feedback?

On the professional or higher plan you will get a personal assignment feedback video. You will find it in the assignment section of the masterclass.

 Why do I only get the certificate with a feedback plan?

To certify to you and your future employer that you achieved at least the basic level of skill and understanding it is vital to complete all assignments with feedback successfully. The feedback gives you the security to correctly implement the newly learned knowledge.

 Can I expect the same results as you had after your masterclasses and coaching?

Your results depend on your path. The masterclasses and coaching can only guarantee you opportunities but not outcome (no one can). The clearer you are about your goals, creating as many opportunities as possible (through education, taking chances, ...), get mentorship and give it time to flourish (at least 2 years) the more likely your path will lead you to your goals. This sounds very spiritual but it actually comes from experience. All of my clients who stayed their way for at least one year did either arrive or are on their way to arrive at their goals.

 Did you see actual results after your masterclasses and coaching?

Yes. I keep the contact with my previous students. All of them who stayed on their path for at least 1 year saw the following results after the masterclasses and coachings:

  • from unemployed to working in a film/game company

  • from software developer to pipeline technical director (TD offer from Dreamworks)

  • from senior to lead at DNEG (Python Advanced)

  • from a small local company in the 3rd World to an international VFX studio (Scanline VFX)

 What is the difference between lecturing and coaching?

Lecturing is teaching new information while coaching is using new information to help you with your goals. It's the difference between boxing and Jiu Jitsu; one uses pure force while the other uses the energy of the other side.

Money & Payment

❓ I cannot afford the masterclass! What can I do?

If you really believe that this masterclass will help you in your career but cannot afford it for some reasons here are some options:

1. Check with your company if they would partly or fully support your education

2. Pay in monthly installments (see plans)

3. Subscribe to the newsletter for special notifications

4. We set up an arrangement like I get to name your firstborn 😉. Contact me

5. In very special cases you can apply for a scholarship in which you would be eligible to receive free access. Contact me


❓ Is it possible to pay in installments?
Absolutely. Each masterclass has installment plans that allow you to pay in monthly installments. If you're in need of a custom installment; let me know.

❓ Is it possible to cancel the monthly payment once I finish the class?

No. Installments are an option to pay the costs of the masterclass over a few months instead of paying them instantly. They exist to allow more students access to the masterclasses regardless of their financial situation.

❓ Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes. If don't find the masterclass helpful in the first 30 days after purchase email me and I will refund you the money after you fill out the survey of how it can be improved in the future.


❓ Can my company pay for my education?

Absolutely. I highly support companies who train their staff. Contact me if you need a special treatment of your purchase.

❓ Can I upgrade my plan mid-way through the masterclass?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan during the masterclass or coaching. Look out for upgrade plans or send me a message regarding your upgrade.

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