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I will give you a straightforward, skip the nonsense, clear advice on how to grow in your creative field through technical thinking, scripting, personal development, portfolio and branding.

We focus on your goals, analyze what is needed and create steps to achieve them. From switching of the artistic to a more technical field (technical artist) up to becoming familiar with working in the animation and VFX industry to get your foot in the door and to know what to expect to get from artist to technical artist/director.​


Through regular mentoring  you are able to jump head past the trials and tribulations of running a creative practice, want to add to your working and personal development or feel the call of changing direction, then coaching with me is what you need.

A typical mentoring overview:

  • Career in Visual Effects, Animation and Games

  • Being a Technical Artist or Technical Director

  • Coding & Scripting Mentoring

  • Interview and Negotiation

  • Leading a team and being confident

  • Creating a sustainable and stress-free career

average rating is 5 out of 5