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Everything you need to know for your successful application process in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. Learn how to send effective applications and shine the best light on your work to win jobs and close leads. Change your mindset, and create a clear and successful strategy to get the right career opportunities. 


  • Create a successful application
  • Update your CV, Reel and letter

  • 2 hours personal coaching

  • Application templates

  • Guide booklet

  • Private Discord group

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Applying for a new or your first job in Visual Effects, Animation or Games can be a confusing and frustrating experience. 

Getting no reply or a measly “We regret to inform you!” without any feedback in how to improve for the next application. It can feel like running head first against the wall and hope everything will work out fine the next time. 

The worst part is that after a number of no responses and rejections we start to doubt ourselves and our skills. "Am I even good enough for the position?!" We fall prey to our own judgement and lose confidence.​

Don't worry this is something most of us go through and it is rarely our skills that block our path. It's the way we present our skills in the right way, for the right company on the right time. After hundreds of applications and rejections I made it my mission to crack the process and help others. This lead me to work for Weta Digital, Framestore and Mackevision while getting offers from Amazon Studios, Rockstar Games, Pixomondo, Digic Pictures and many more.

Let me guide you to a successful career in the industry!

 Your Roadmap 

 Part 01 

Personal Review
& Strategy

Together we scan through your application documents from

  • CV/Resume

  • Showreel

  • Portfolio

  • Cover letter

  • Social Media


to make sure you shine the right light on your experiences and skills.​ After that we look at your goals and plan a strategy for the next months to make you arrive there.



 PART 2 



Application templates help you to guide the process and creating a well defined starting point for the process.

  • 2 different CVs

  • Showreel

  • Cover Letter


 Part 3 

Application Guide


These booklet explains the structure of the templates. Why are things as they are and how can you make them personal. Since this is the difference between a formal and a great application that has actually success.


👑 What's inside 👑

📑 1. Create your own application

One of the goals of this coaching is for you to finish one professional application for a successful job hunting.

📋 2. Templates

Use the provided templates to follow industry standards but also to focus on the content and what to present instead of how to present it.

📚 3. Digital book

Over 40 digital pages cover the most important topics in the application process. From the different documents, how things work behind the scenes and FAQs. 

🙋‍♂️ 4. Personal Coaching

Together we explore your goals as well as your struggles to first align them with the standards of the industry and then to pursue a strategy to arrive at them. 

👨‍👧‍👦 5. Community Support via private Discord

You’ll get access to our private Discord Support Community where you can ask and answer questions while connecting with fellow Artists and Technical Director from all around the globe. It is important to get and give feedback even after the masterclass and to work in a community to build a substantial career path. We have a variety of people from students to supervisors from DNEG, Framestore, Weta Digital, Facebook etc.

A great Application changed my career!

I didn't always work in mid to big sized studios. I used to work in the IT department of a small Animation Studio. They even declined my first application but then hired me anyway since they needed someone quickly. With some luck I got my hands on some Technical Director tasks and also did some lighting on my first Animation feature film. It was a cool experience and I wanted more.

After that first experience I wanted more but I noticed fast that my showreel was just small student projects and trailer footage from the animation film (since it was not out yet). Applying for a position became an endless circle of no feedback, no or a generic reply: "I am sorry to let you know, that your application has not been further shortlisted on this occasion." It felt like there was a wall I couldn't climb.


What can you do?

I decided to learn anything there was to learn about CVs, Showreels, Cover Letter and the whole application process while pushing my skills to the next level. Slowly I saw success. First it started with more replies, then the first interviews, my first contract negotiations and finally my first jobs.

After that I managed to work at Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx, CGMA and had invitations by Amazon Studios, Pixomondo, Scanline VFX, Digic Pictures, Rockstar Games and many more. There is your experience, education, skill involved but also the way you apply, communicate, what mindset you have and how you deal with disappointment. All of that play a crucial role how successful you will be.

Let us take the next step in your career!


Alexander Richter

Alexander is a VES Award winning Technical Director and Coach with 8+ years of experiences in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. I worked for Weta Digital (Avatar 2, Shang-Chi), Framestore (Pearl Quest), Mackevision, ArtFx and many more.


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Monsters at Work (Disney)

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