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Looking to break into the Visual Effects, Animation or Games industry?

Our coaching program provides everything you need to create a successful job application and build a substantial career. Learn how to send effective applications, showcase your work, and create a clear and successful strategy to get the right career opportunities.  


  • 💼 Create Successful Applications
  • 🙋 2 hours Personal Coaching

  • 📑 Application Templates

  • 📖 Application Booklet

  • 🤝 Private Discord Community 

Work on Breathtaking Productions

Are you finding it confusing and frustrating to apply for your next or first job in Visual Effects, Animation, or Games? Do you receive no response or a disappointing "We regret to inform you!" without any constructive feedback on how to improve for your next application? It can feel like hitting a brick wall, leaving you with doubts about your skills and self-worth.


Don't worry! This is a common experience for many job seekers, and it's rarely about our skills holding us back. It's about presenting ourselves in the right way, to the right company, at the right time. After experiencing countless rejections myself, I made it my mission to crack the application process and help others. My efforts landed me jobs at industry giants like Weta FX, Framestore, and Mackevision, as well as offers from Amazon Studios, Rockstar Games, Pixomondo, and Digic Pictures, among others.


Let me share my knowledge and guide you to a successful career in the industry. Together, we'll present your skills in the best possible light and land the job you've been dreaming of.

What's inside
 Your Roadmap 

 Part 01 

🙋‍♂️ Personal Review
& Strategy

We'll ensure that you present yourself in the best possible light by highlighting your experiences and skills effectively by reviewing your application documents:


  • CV/Resume 

  • Showreel 

  • Portfolio 

  • Cover Letter 

  • Social Media presence 

Once we've reviewed your application materials, we'll move on to discuss your goals and develop a strategic plan for achieving them. This may include identifying areas where you need to improve your skills or experience, networking opportunities, job search strategies, and other resources that can help you succeed in your chosen field.


 PART 02 

📑 Templates

Using application templates can be a helpful starting point for your job application process. By providing a clear structure and guidelines, templates can save you time and ensure that you include all the necessary information in your application.


By using the following templates, you'll have a clear starting point for creating strong, effective job applications that will help you stand out from the competition: