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This eight weeks masterclass teaches you how to use Python professionally in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. Advance to the next level of scripting and become a technical artist or director building valuable tools and applications that help you and your team into the future.

  • 9 hours video training

  • 4 hours personal coaching

  • weekly assignments

  • individual code reviews

  • Python Advanced book

Term Start: July 2021

Boost your confidence

Using scripting for your work in VFX, Animation and games can become an impactful part of your skill sets and a huge asset in any production. Suddenly you are able to create helpful tools that make your and your team's workflow faster and easier.

Thank you!

Still it can become quite a challenge to advance from here. Without guidance it is hard to measure your own progress and where you should go next. What do you need to know to become a better technical artist or technical director?

It is easy to get lost and unmotivated in the coding jungle.

No worries about the scripting tiger - he's just moaning!


Advanced Style/Python/Tools

Improve your style using industry standards (e.g. PEP8) to collaborate across different jobs and companies​.


Advance your Python coding to the next level using

  • classes

  • decorator

  • try-except

  • ... ​


Update your tool knowledge with

  • new script editors (+ plugins)

  • shell

  • git


UI & PYSide2

A basic understanding of application design improves the look and feel of your application, its usability and creates the most impact to the artists work.

The UI API PySide2 is a fantastic addition to Python since it is integrated in most DCC packages (Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Fusion, ...) and it equips you with an API and tools to create more advanced user interfaces and experiences.



& Reviews

The newly learned topics are followed by assignments which get you hours of practice time while a personal code reviews will help you to advance in the future.


We also develop an advanced prototype together which you can use for your work and will show your progress throughout the project.

Python Advanced Book

200+ digital pages cover the most important topics in professional scripting you have to know to work on an advanced level:​

  • Coding Style

  • Advanced Python

  • Advanced Tools

  • UI & PySide 2 ​


The book will summarize the course while adding a variety of additional topics and references for hours of new material.



Free Content

Watch my talk from my Python Advanced masterclass at the Effects America 19 and get a taste for the new topics. 


You can also find more resources on my YouTube channel.

Free Video


Great code boosted my career!

I didn't always work in mid to big sized studios. Originally I studied media computer science and used to work in the IT department of a small animation studio in Hamburg. Until one day one of the Technical Directors came over and asked me: “Do you know how to script in 3ds Max?” and I am like: “Yeah and no.” Nevertheless he took me under his wing and I learned my first share of production scripting in animation.


Later I studied Technical Directing at the Filmakademie BW and became the pipeline TD for my whole year - no one seemed to want this job. I enjoyed being able to plan the technical workflows and make things work smoothly. During that time I developed my own first pipeline for the short VFX film Breaking Point that helped the team and me win the VES Award 2017. It became my open source pipeline Plex.


This openend the doors for me to work as a Technical Director for Weta Digital, Framestore, Studio Soi, Arx Anima and Dwarf Animation Studio while teaching Python at ArtFx and CGMA. I learned the basics in university but it was the real production with all its feedback, unpredictability, changes and failures that really made me understand how to write valuable code. ​


Lets start where I already arrived!

Alexander Richter

I am a Technical Director and Coach with 8+ years of experiences in the VFX and animation industry. I worked for Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision, ArtFx and many more.




Finally feel confident

your application will work.

  • Learn professional coding

  • Design advanced UIs

  • 9 hours video training

  • 4 hours personal coaching

  • weekly assignments

  • individual code reviews

  • Python Advanced book

Term Start: July 2021