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Discover the power of Python for Nuke. Become a desirable Compositing Technical Artist or Director in 8 weeks. Learn to create valuable tools to automate processes, save time and simplify your work. 
A rare opportunity to unleash Python to contributions to your Visual Effects, Animation and Games career.

  • 🛠️ Create Nuke Applications

  • ▶️ 9 hours Video Training

  • 🙋‍♂️ 8 Weekly Live Q&As

  • 📝 8 Weekly Assignments

  • ✅ Personal Feedback

  • 🤝 Private Discord Community

  • 📜 Python for Nuke Certificate

Work on Breathtaking Productions

Looking to take your Visual Effects, Animation and Games skills to the next level? Python is an essential skill to create impactful tools that automate workflows making them more efficient. Python allows you to work on big budget movies and games, impress your team with your skills, and hear "Thank you!" a lot.

But how do you reach the highest production level and work on the most desirable projects in the world? How do you become a Technical Artist or Director? And how do you learn Python without getting lost in the coding jungle?

Python for Nuke will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a skilled Python creator. Watch the prerecorded videos, practice the assignments, get personalized feedback and collaborate with the community.

Don't let a lack of guidance hold you back from achieving your goals. Enroll in our Python for Nuke masterclass today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the industry.


 for Nuke 
is perfect if you

✅ Want to become a Technical Artist or Director in Visual Effects, Animation, or Games?

This Python masterclass will teach you all you need to know to for the role.

✅ Looking for a stable career and higher salary in the film or games industry?

Technical roles are the most stable job positions, have the highest status and pay well. Python is an essential tool in your arsenal.

✅ Do you dream of working on cool projects like Star Wars or Avatar in big studios like ILM and Disney?

Python skills can jumpstart your career and future job applications.

✅ Eager to advance your work and support your team and studio? 

Python applications will bring a new level of production quality and speed to your work. Support your team with automation tools and helpful scripts.

What's Inside
 Your Roadmap 

 Week 1 

Python Introduction

First we explore the impact Python will have on your future work. We introduce Python basics, how we can use them and what their benefits are. Finally we write our first lines of Python code.

 Week 2 

Script Editor, Lists
& Dictionaries

We explore the script editor Sublime Text and learn the new data types lists and dictionaries. New expressions and useful functions start to form our understanding of scripting.

 Week 3 

Loops & Pseudo Code

Loops and ifs are the most important topics in Python since they allow us to write small batch processes. Pseudo code helps us to outline our future scripts.

 Week 4 

Functions, Naming
and Scope

Functions allow us to write more repeatable and cleaner code. Naming and scope help us to write more professional scripts.

 Week 5 

External Files, Error and Debug

We finish our Python introduction by writing and executing scripts in different modules. System variables and error handling rounds up our Python basics.

 Week 6 

Python in Nuke

Finally! We explore how to use Python in Nuke. First we understand the difference between TCL and Python, how to use the Nuke Editor and the Nuke API. This allows us to manipulate nodes, connections and attributes inside Nuke.

 Week 7 

First Nuke Scripts

We look at everyday functions and combine them to useful scripts for our work in Nuke to manipulate Read, Write, Crop, Color and other nodes.

 Week 8 

Nuke Apps with UI

In the final week we learn to create Nuke UIs (user interfaces) to allow user input for our now advanced everyday scripts and write our own final applications.


🛠️ Build Your Own Nuke Applications

Complete the masterclass by building your own Nuke tools. The final assignment will showcase your Python skills and help your future job applications.

✅ Assignments & Personal Feedback

Practice what you've learned by completing the weekly assignments. These assignments will help you to connect the dots between chapters. Each assignment receives a personalized feedback, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

📜 Masterclass Certificate

After you finish the masterclass, you'll get a Python certificate. This will prove your skills and will help to impress future employers or clients.

🙋‍♂️ Weekly Live Q&A

Join our weekly group video calls to ask questions and get personalized answers. We record the calls for later viewing and do our best to schedule them at times that work for everyone.

🤝 Community Support via private Discord

Join our private Discord community to connect with other professionals in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. Ask questions, share projects and collaborate in a supportive and encouraging environment.

🔓 Nuke Graduate License

Enrolling makes you eligible to purchase the 6-month Nuke Graduate License for $278/€200 [may change] with an 90% discount.

Python has been a career-changer

After being the only Technical Director at a small animation studio, I found myself at Weta FX working on Avatar: The Way of Water. Asking myself: "How did I get here?"


During the production of Breaking Point (VES Award) the director asked me to write custom tools for Nuke. I wasn't even sure what a WRITE node was. A few weeks of learning Python and Nuke I was able to create custom scripts and gizmos that helped the project to become iconic and Award-Winning.


My Python skills landed me roles at Weta FX, Framestore, and Mackevision. There I worked on the blockbusters Avatar: The Way of Water (Oscar 2023), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and the Monsters at Work series.


We won the Oscar for "Best Visual Effects" (2023) for Avatar: The Way of Water. Before my work on the Open Source Pipeline "Plex" on the short film Breaking Point won the VES Award (2017).

My journey and success are testament to the Power of Python. After teaching Python at ArtFx and CG Master Academy I'm thrilled to share my knowledge through this masterclass to provide the same opportunities to you.


Choose a plan and take your first step towards a career change today with Python.


Alexander is an Oscar and VES Award-Winning Technical Director and Coach with years of experiences in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. He was working for WetaFX (Avatar: The Way of Water, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), Framestore (Pearl Quest) and Mackevision while teaching at ArtFx and CG Master Academy.

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09. October 2023

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    • 🛠️ Create Nuke Applications
    • 📼 9 hours Video Training
    • 🙋 8 Weekly Live Q&As
    • 📝 8 Weekly Assignments
    • ✅ Personal Feedback
    • 🤝 Private Discord Community
    • 📜 Python for Nuke Certificate
    • 🔐 2-Year Access
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    Python for Nuke

    Guided 8-Week Cohort
    Valid for 2 years
    • 🛠️ Create Nuke Applications
    • 📼 9 hours Video Training
    • 🙋 8 Weekly Live Q&As
    • 📝 8 Weekly Assignments
    • ✅ Personal Feedback
    • 🤝 Private Discord Community
    • 📜 Python for Nuke Certificate
    • 🔐 2-Year Access
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  • Python for Maya & Nuke [Bundle]

    Guided 11-Week Cohort Bundle
    Valid for 2 years
    • 🛠️ Create Maya & Nuke Applications
    • 📼 12 hours Video Training
    • 🙋 11 Weekly Live Q&As
    • 📝 11 Weekly Assignments
    • ✅ Personal Feedback
    • 🤝 Private Discord Community
    • 📜 Python for Maya & Nuke Certificate
    • 🔐 2-Year Access
    • 💵 Bundle offer: Save €700

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