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Access Visual Effects at Framestore w/ Simon Devereux

Breaking into the visual effects, animation and video games industry can be a daunting task.

My guest today is Simon Devereux, Director of Global Talent Development at Framestore and founder of Access VFX. Together we talk about the different roles and opportunities to enter the industry through

  1. Runner

  2. Internships

  3. Apprenticeships

  4. Junior

and how to stand out from the crowd including personal career mentoring.

Runner is an entry-level position that supports the studio workflow through direct actions and running around; hence the name. From fetching coffee, simple cleaning and restocking to delivering messages, coordinating and scheduling meetings.

Becoming a runner allows anyone to join a visual effects studio like Framestore and Industrial Light and Magic with no previous experiences. Done right, the runner position gives you access to everyone in the studio - including clients - while using those opportunities to create connections and moments that will help you advance your own career. A day in the life of a Runner @ Framestore

"90% of the runners end up doing something in the industry." - Simon Devereux

Interns are talented individuals who get their first chance to work in a professional studio on film, television, or game projects. Unlike most other industries, interns in visual effects, animation, and games are essentially fully trained artists or technicians who lack professional experience.

There are a variety of short term internship programs:

I personally completed the Framestore Launchpad Internship in 2016, and can wholeheartedly recommend it. It was a great experience that allowed me to see the workflows of an established studio in London, make connections and add an important name to my CV. It's always worth a try.

Alex in the Middle
Alex in the Middle

Apprenticeship programs are often long-term programs (around 18 months) that are often mixed with classroom and project-based learning. An apprenticeship is essentially an on-the-job learning program that replaces university studies for those who can't afford to go to university or who want a more practical path for themselves.

Junior is the first official professional role in a production. Junior tasks are often more repetitive and simpler, but still an essential part of the production. A compositing junior will mostly work on roto and tracking, while a junior TD will fix simple problems in the scene.


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