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Learn VFX with real world fundamentals w/ Jahirul Amin

How do you find the right educational path to learn visual effects?

The internet is full of resources from paid masterclasses, free tutorials, articles, short posts, coaching and mentoring. How do you know which ones are valuable and which ones are just shallow copies of other, much better content?

When you watch an instructional video, always cross-reference it to make sure the knowledge is solid. Too many tutorials today are a copy of a copy of a copy, losing understanding with each iteration. Artists learn from other work, not from reality.

Simply copying others is like using a photocopier: Clarity disappears with each repetition. The more we build our understanding by repeating others, the less correct we are. Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. So we copy one false world to create another, which can be copied again until reality is no longer part of the filmmaking process. On the other hand, we can learn a lot from reality and build a strong foundation to create great art in visual effects, animation, and games.

"My biggest advice is actually to NOT to watch the training and go out and live your life ... and put that into your work."

My guest today is Jahirul Amin, the founder of CAVE Academy, a platform that teaches current and future VFX artists how to create great work using real-world examples.

Together we talk about education with principles, how the real world is the best teacher, and what it really means to be an education company.

Enjoy the show!

PS. Visit the CAVE academy website.


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