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Helpful and Entertaining YouTube channels for VFX, Animation and Games

Since we're all currently stuck at home; here are some interesting recommendations to spice up your Netflix and Amazon Prime diet:


Technology and Programming

Tom Scott has a unique channel which tackles a variety of topics mostly in the field of computer science. From why video compression is bad on dark videos, to copyright to the history of computers. An interesting guy with well researched content.

Procedural Programming

You always wanted to create an ecosystem or a world terrain? Than this is the right channel for you! Sebastians content is very entertaining, well edited and keeps things understandable and in-depth without getting boring. His videos are inspiring to get out there and to create your own mini universes ... which was his last video by the way.

Working in VFX and Animation

The 21 Artist Show is a podcast that talks with successful artists, technical director and supervisor from Pixar, Framestore, ILM and PDI/Dreamworks to explore their work and how they arrived where they are today.


Two Minute Papers is a quite famous channel so I am sure you've already heard of it. But if not: Now you did! Basically this channel takes the newest research papers and explains them in a short and visual presentation. Very educational and entertaining. A really cool place to get inspired.

Behind the Games

The talks at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) are mind blowing. Hours over hours of content with an in-depth behind the scenes of the best games in the world. From AAA titles (The Witcher 3, Mass Effect), to indie developer (Stardew Valley, The Banner Saga) to all-time classics (Civilization 2, Dungeon Keeper). There is a 100% chance that you find something interesting for yourself since their talks cover basically every topic in existence.


3D Generalist (Blender)

CGMatter is fast ... super fast. This guy talks as fast as the announcer in a Texas bull auction. His videos are short, extremely entertaining, interesting and technical. He talks about procedural modeling, shading, texture mapping, grass ... everything.

Compositor (Nuke)

Hugo's Desk is an in-depth look into the works of a compositor in VFX. His channel looks into the most important compositor skills including the works of a supervisor. Hugo himself is also a nice guy who I had the pleasure to met in person. Check him out:

Game Developer (Unity)

Brackeys has Unity tutorials; a lot of them. If you are interested in creating your own game in Unity; he has you covered for days.

FX Artist (Houdini)

This guys videos are just dope. A lot of extremely interesting and advanced Houdini tutorials.

Python for Artists

Learning scripting can be challenging. These series focuses on teaching scripting for artists in VFX, Animation and Games. From Python in Maya, Nuke to 3ds Max; everything is covered.


There are even more great channels out there which entertain and educate millions of artists. Let me know about your favorite channels!

- Alex

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