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A rare opportunity to step up your contract negotiation style and to become more successful in the final stage of the hiring process. Earn a higher salary by being able to communicate your worth

Get your dream job in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. Learn how to change your mindset, update the way you present yourself, and create a clear and successful plan to get the right contract.  ​


  • Become confident in negotiations

  • 2 hours personal coaching

  • Mockup Negotiation

  • Negotiation booklet

  • Private Discord community

Get the contract you deserve

Negotiating a contact can be a nerve-racking and confusing experiences.


Meeting a bunch of strangers or worse people you work with to discuss what you want and need in the future can be tough. You have to make sure to leave with a result you're happy with. 


After a number of rejections and bad deals we begin to doubt ourselves and start to get unsure if we are even good enough for the position and should be paid this amount. We fall prey to our own judgement and lose confidence.

Don't worry this is something most of us go through and it is rarely our skills that block our path. It's the way we present our skills in the right way, for the right company on the right time. After dozens of negotiations I made it my mission to crack the process and help others. This lead me to work for Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision and many more.

Let me guide you to a successful career in the industry!

 Your Roadmap 

 Part 01 

Personal Negotiation Coaching


Together we look into your negotiation style to find the parts that make you unique and isolate the ones that are holding you back to assure you shine the right light on your experiences, skills and personality. At the same time we boost your confidence so you can express what you really mean, enjoy the process and arrive at your professional and financial goals.


 PART 2 

Negotiation Mockup


Online negotiations make sure you can practice these skills and receive feedback where you stand and how you can improve. This builds confidence for your next negotiation.


The sessions will also be recorded so you can see your own performance and learn from it.

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 PART 3 

Negotiation Booklet


The booklet touches on the most important aspects of the negotiation, includes helpful practices to translate your goals into negotiation points and addresses typical questions.


👑 What's inside 👑

📑 1. Confident Negotiator

One of the goals of this coaching is for you to become confident in negotiations for a successful job application.

📋 2. Negotiation Mockups

Tog​ether we will practice your negotiation style with a mockup negotiation followed by an in-depth feedback of how to improve in the future.

🙋‍♂️ 3. Personal Coaching

Together we explore your goals as well as your struggles to figure out how we can include your personality in your unique negotiation style. 

📘 4. Negotiation Booklet

Covers the most important steps of the negotiation and helps you to break down in goals into negotiation steps.

👨‍👧‍👦 5. Community Support via private Discord

You’ll get access to our private Discord Support Community where you can ask and answer questions while connecting with fellow Artists and Technical Director from all around the globe. It is important to get and give feedback even after the coaching and to work in a community to build a substantial career path. We have a variety of people from students to supervisors from DNEG, Framestore, Weta Digital, Facebook etc.

Great negotiation made my career!


I didn't always work in mid to big sized studios. I used to work in the IT department of a small Animation Studio. They even declined my first application but then hired me anyway since they needed someone quickly. After that it became a guessing game of how I performed in a particular negotiation. They weren’t bad but also far from great. The same applied for the offers I got: I never seem to know what to do when it came to the actual negotiation part - if there was even one.


What can you do?

I decided to learn anything there was to learn about the negotiation process and to apply my newly learned knowledge to future hiring's; and slowly I saw success. First my negotiations went much smoother, there was less anxiety, more laughter and better offers afterwards. Until I got to a level where my last 3 leads told me later that the company paid me as much as them. That was a shock to me since I was just practicing what I’ve learned.


In the last few years I managed to have successful negotiations with Weta Digital, Framestore, Mackevision and many more. Which led me to a path of sharing what I’ve learned so others ​can benefit and get back what they deserve.

Let us take the next step in your career!


Alexander Richter

Alexander is a VES Award winning Technical Director and Coach with 8+ years of experiences in the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry. I worked for Weta Digital (Avatar 2, Shang-Chi), Framestore (Pearl Quest), Mackevision, ArtFx and many more.


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Monsters at Work (Disney)

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