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Being a Lead in Visual Effects w/ Nicolas Leblanc

21 Artist Show - Episode 006

We constantly work with and maybe want to become one ourselves in the near future:

A great leader

But how do you actually become a lead and supervisor who has a standing, is respected, gets things done while still enjoying the time and responsibilities? This is not an easy task. As you probably can tell from experiences more often than not people fail in this role - or at least don't do it justice.

Every great leader follows common rules but the most important one is:

Your job is to make other people shine!

A lot of leaders continue to do what they did before when they rise to a leading role ("Hands on!") while now managing at times - somehow. When it is actually the other way around. You should manage the team first, so everyone can present their A game and help out wherever you can. If you don't spend most of your time managing people you're probably doing it wrong. If your lead is working on the projects next to you most of his time - he is actually not a good leader and manager (or don't get enough time to be one). He can be a great colleague and a great artist or technician but he failed in his role to lead his team.

To explore this topic even further I invited my amazing mentor and supervisor Nicolas Leblanc to share his view on leadership, how he became a great one himself and what are his secrets of having a successful career: Jungle Book, Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Aladdin, Guardians of Galaxy, Man of Steel and many more.

Enjoy this episode and stay positive! 😊

- Alex

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