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HOW TO learn scripting and programming FAST

It takes time, dedication and practice like every skill to learn scripting on a level that really advanced your work. A lot of people see the benefits of scripting (automate processes, simplify workflows) but lose interest because they didn't have the right mind setup to actually learn a new skill. A lot of people would love to make a their own game but most of them actually wouldn't want to actually MAKE their own game it's too much work.

"Learning how to script is a sprint not a run!"

Before you start learning scripting ask yourself "What is my motivation to learn scripting?" since it is an investment in time, effort and disappointment. Like every skill it takes weeks, months or years to arrive at the level that you would like to have yourself. So it is important to determine an actual goal for your start. Without a first goal when do you know when you arrived where you want to be?

What exciting opportunities do you get with scripting skills?

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Happy scripting,



About the Author

I'm Alexander, an Award-Winning Technical Director & Coach in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. My skills are solving technical problems, simplifying workflows and mentoring career goals.

For more check out our exciting TD Bootcamp, 21 Artist Show Podcast and YouTube channel.


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