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Lifetime Access & TD Bonus

I've decided to offer all current and future masterclasses with lifetime access. It has always been important to me to give as much value as possible while creating a sense of urgency and progress in the here and now.

While I still encourage everyone to complete each masterclass as soon as possible to keep the momentum going, I don't see many downsides to offering lifetime access to keep the information (especially videos) available AND to share updates with all the alumni.

❓ How long is the Lifetime Access?

You'll have lifetime access to all Masterclasses for as long as they are live and offered. This includes future updates and improvements after purchase.

🎁 TD Bonus [Worth: €2000+]

Enrolling into any Python masterclass gives you access to


🎓 Maya/3ds Max/Houdini/Nuke License

By signing up, you become eligible to receive the Maya or 3ds Max Student License for free, Nuke Graduate License (90% discount) and Houdini Education License (70% discount).


Join our monthly meetup for (aspiring) technical artists and directors to discuss all things inspiring and challenging.

🤝 Discord Community Support

Connect with other professionals (Disney, ILM, Weta FX, Facebook, ...) via our private Discord with over 200 talents. Ask questions, share projects and collaborate in a supportive environment.

📜 Python Certificate

After you've successfully finished the masterclass, you'll get a Python certificate. This will prove your skills and will help to impress future employers or clients.

Join our next Python Cohort:

Enjoy your content and see you at our next Cohort and TD Meetup! 😉


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