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Discount: 20% for students and 10% for alumni

It's December and we all know what that means: ๐ŸŽ

This year I prepared a treat for all university students and alumni of my coaching and masterclasses:

A discount code for future enrollments.

20% off for students and 10% alumni

Creating clear and impactful education is time consuming and valuable nevertheless my goal is and always will be to bring quality education to as many people as possible without cutting corners along the way. It's important that the value of the masterclass and coaching is preserved since

when we pay we pay attention.

It allows us to value our path and investment instead of creating a collection full of half consumed content like our unplayed Steam library or stack of Udemy subscriptions.

That's why my discount focuses primarily on two groups of people:

  1. Those who would benefit from the content enormously but are not able to afford it (yet): Students

  2. Those who showed commitment, are willing to take the next step and trust me to help them on their journey: Alumni

student: 20% OFF

Being a student can be tough on the budget especially for additional education which often is needed since most universities don't exactly provide practical content but more of a mental exercise with practical titbits.

All students who are currently enrolled in a university get 20% off for the first enrollment in ANY coaching or masterclass.

[Contact me with prove of your current university enrollment.]

Alumni: 10% off

My enormous gratitude goes out there for everyone joining my coaching and masterclasses .. again. Usually only the Python Advanced masterclass got a discount for alumni which we will update to:

Every alumni who enrolled in a previous coaching or masterclass gets 10% off on their next coaching or masterclasses.

[Find the discount code at the end of your current coaching or masterclass page.]

Looking forward to seeing you in the next masterclass and coaching!



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