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Scripting for Artists

Scripting can have a profound effect on your work and productivity. It is also one of the most searched skills in our modern computer heavy society since it can automate and simplify processes which saves hours of work and hereby money.

"Learning how to script will catapult your career forward!”

The Scripting for Artist series teaches the basics of how to script in Python, Maya (Python, MEL), 3ds Max (MaxScript, Python) and Nuke (Python, TCL). The series is made for absolute beginner who would like to automate basic tasks or be able to work with 3rd party code snippets.

The first video is an introduction into scripting as an artist in Visual Effects, Animation and Games. We talk about Python, PySide, and APIs while asking the main questions:

What does it do? And how can I modify it?


An introduction to the scripting basics in Python. The first video looks into scripting and compiling languages, the different versions and what Python is. In the follow-ups we will have a look at basic coding using variables, functions and dictionaries.

Next are the 3 DCC packages 3ds Max, Maya and Nuke:

3ds Max

An introduction to the scripting basics in 3ds Max (Autodesk) with MaxScript and Python. Using the Max Listener, the Max Script Editor, Macro Recorder, Visual MaxScript Editor and external MaxScript and Python files to manipulate the scene and to create apps.


An introduction to the scripting basics in Maya with MEL and Python. We compare both languages, check out the script editor, echo commands, create shelves and import external files. This allows us to manipulate scenes in Maya.


An introduction to the scripting basics in Nuke with TCL and Python. Using node expressions, the script editor, and external python files to create node trees, overwrite properties and manipulate the scene script.

For a more in-depth training into how to manipulate the a DCC using Python:

- Alex

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