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Great Visual Effects and Animation Podcasts

I was recently asked if I know some great podcasts to listen to. As the matter of fact I do. Here are four podcasts covering different areas of the Visual Effects, Animation and Games industry:

The Allan McKay Podcast. Allan has one of the most professional podcasts in the industry clocking in over 300 episodes talking to the biggest names in the industry. I head the pleasure to make an episode with Allan McKay and he is just a marble and awesome guy as he is on his podcast.

My favorite episodes are with Chris Do (#125) and Andrew Kramer (#29).

Listen to it here.

Topics: Career, Being a Technical Director, VFX

Check out our collaboration episode:


The Animation Happy Hour covers topics focusing on animation. The three hosts are experienced animators themselves working at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The content focuses mostly on the career of an animator with general content (money, Day in the Life, ...) mixed in-between. It is a fun experience to listen to with a great production level.

Topics: Animation, Animation Career, Animation Industry, Job Application, Showreel


This podcast was described to me as "It is like you podcast Alex ... just different!". I think I understand what he means with that. Love the quality of the production and of the content and Halim is a charming host who asks engaging questions:

Topics: Career in VFX and Animation


AnimJam Podcast is a sympathetic duo (Jamie and Billy) on YouTube who engage in in-depth and relaxed conversation. Feels like you're ears dropping into someone else's zoom call. Great format, atmosphere and a variety of topics. Check it out!

Topics: Career, Job, Software


For all the riggers out there: The Rigging Buddies Podcast. This podcast focuses on rigging and talks with established riggers from the industry about their careers while showing the rig and the rigging process.

Topics: Rigging, career


And finally your favorite podcast:

The 21 Artist Show is a podcast that inspires creatives to make meaningful content to pursue their passions. Creators, artists and engineers talk about their careers, the lessons they have learned and how to make an impact in VFX, Animation and Games.

Season 2 just started with weekly episodes each Wednesday on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes:

Topics: Being an Artist or Technical Director in films and games, careers, personal development

Let me know about your favorite podcast and support the creators!

Thanks for reading,


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